The mystery of George and Onnie’s: Netizens abuzz as Little Flour takes a new turn

Speculation has been brewing among food enthusiasts, particularly within the Let’s Eat Pare community, as they recently stumbled upon a former Little Flour establishment bearing a fresh identity.

Eagle-eyed observers have noted that a particular branch has undergone a renaming, now proudly donning the moniker “George and Onnie’s Filipino Restaurant.”

Intriguing conversations unfolded in the comments section, with some keen netizens highlighting that the rebranding appears exclusive to the Little Flour branches. Astutely, they also drew attention to the fact that “George and Onnie” happen to be the names of none other than Ana Lorenzana de Ocampo’s parents, the proprietor of this culinary endeavor.

While theories abound, the owners have yet to release any official confirmation or statement regarding this rebranding.

According to a Babbler, the reason for the name change is the group’s aspiration to shift its focus towards Filipino favorites.

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