Art beyond borders: Melissa Yeung Yap’s tribute to collaborative visionaries

Melissa Yeung Yap’s heartfelt Instagram post shines a light on the supportive and empowering spirits of her husband, Christian Yap, and Camsur First District representative, Tsuyoshi Horibata.

The dynamic duo’s fervent promotion of CSFI and its captivating artists, including Yeung Yap herself, underpins the brilliance of the “Philippines’ Finest” exhibit at the esteemed House of Representatives.

As art converges with advocacy, this artistic odyssey echoes the harmonious synergy between creativity and influence, resonating far beyond the canvas.

Environmental activists pour green dye in Venice canal

Environmental activists from the group Extinction Rebellion poured dye into Venice’s Grand Canal and several Italian rivers Saturday in protest against the “failure” of ongoing international climate talks to deliver results.

How unhealthy are ultra-processed foods?

Ultra-processed foods are commonly portrayed as a modern health scourge: a threat lurking on the shelves of every supermarket linked to obesity, heart disease, cancer and early death.