Nowhere to hide: Ayalas enlist foreign cyber intelligence experts in unmasking shadowy troll Ronald Jason Ramos

Ayala Corp. (AC), is fighting back against a relentless barrage of defamatory tweets.

AC successfully exposed Ronald Jason J. Ramos as the troll hiding behind the Twitter handle @Boeing7779X, who has tarnished the conglomerate’s reputation and incited negative sentiments against it.

AC also built a solid case, prompting the Makati Regional Trial Court to issue an arrest warrant for cyber libel against Ramos.

The cyber security experts conducted an intensive investigation to locate and apprehend Ramos, who posted several tweets in the weeks leading up to the May 9, 2022 election targeting AC.

@Boeing7779X, in a series of tweets and retweets, propagated damaging falsehoods, including allegations of AC’s financial support for the New People’s Army and dissemination of fake news in the Philippines. These defamatory claims posed a significant threat to the company’s reputation, prompting it to take swift legal action.

While AC could have chosen to ignore these detrimental tweets as part of the political landscape during the election campaign, it saw an opportunity to set a precedent and send a message to ill-intentioned individuals who hide behind aliases and fictitious names.

Ramos agreed to an amicable settlement with AC to avoid potential incarceration. As part of the agreement, he publicly apologized for his actions, with his contrition being disseminated through prominent newspapers and news websites.

In his statement, Ramos urged social media users to refrain from posting lies, fake news, and misinformation, reminding them that these actions carry severe legal consequences.

“Technology is available that can identify and locate authors of posts, even if individuals hide behind fake accounts and use fictitious names. I was identified through the efforts of security, cyber security, and intelligence experts using the latest technologies,” Ramos said.

As the digital landscape continues to evolve, Ayala Corporation’s resolute stance sets a precedent for individuals and corporations alike, emphasizing the importance of safeguarding reputations and holding those responsible for online misdeeds accountable.

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