Ynchausti-backed YCO embraces the future of connectivity with innovative data center in Batangas

YCO Cloud, a local digital infrastructure company led by its CEO Nik de Ynchausti, has announced the launch of its inaugural project, YCO Cloud Campus One, a state-of-the-art Rated III data center facility within the Light Industry and Science Park IV in Batangas.

Ynchausti highlighted the Philippines’ significance as a key player in the digital information transformation surging through Southeast Asia.

The Philippines is emerging as a focal point for the rapid growth of data centers, buoyed by substantial investments in subsea cables that link the country to various regions across the area.

Jon Paulsen, co-managing director of CloudCenters LLC, highlighted the exceptional features of YCO Cloud Campus One.

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Designed to cater to the unique needs of hyperscaler and colocation firms, the facility boasts a blend of sophistication and simplicity. Its location within the Science Park further enhances its appeal, providing an ideal setting for seamless operations.

Recognizing the importance of investing in digital infrastructure, including data centers, fiber optics, and cell towers, YCO Cloud is committed to contributing to the country’s growth.

Atty. Liavel Badillo-Crisostomo, spokesperson for the Philippine Economic Zone Authority, commended YCO Cloud for addressing a critical need in the country, pointing out that the launch of the data center not only caters to the evolving hyperscale market in the Philippines but also has the potential to attract major players such as Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Huawei and other colocators from both domestic and international markets.

The facility’s TIA 942 Design Certification and ISO 22237 certification by EPI, a leading provider of ANSI/TIA-942 conformity audit and certification services, further validate its industry-leading standards and capabilities.

“There’s not many data centers that have achieved this yet,” said Edward van Leent, chairman of EPI, referring to YCO Cloud’s certification for two international standards.

“This data center is really aimed at the mission critical sector. Customers can have the confidence that the IT equipment and all the data are well-protected both from an availability point of view and from a security point of view,” said van Leent.

The Ynchaustis assembled an exceptional team of experts to oversee the design and construction of their maiden venture into the data center industry.

This collaboration includes top-rated US firms such as Gensler, Thornton Tomasetti, Syska Hennessy, and CloudCenters LLC.

Working alongside them is a local build team consisting of construction company D.M. Consunji Inc., architectural firm Jose Siao Ling and Associates, and Design Coordinates Inc.

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