Spreading love and positivity: Maia Romulo Puyat’s Pride adventure

Maia Romulo Puyat becomes an enchanting participant in this month’s vibrant Pride celebrations.

Through a captivating array of photos and videos, she shares her inspiring journey of volunteerism and joyous engagement in various pride events.

The first snapshot captures Maia donning a stunning sequined backless halter top while elegantly styled braids adorn her hair. Her captivating presence sets the stage for an extraordinary voyage of self-expression.

Next, we witness Maia’s commitment to the cause as she dedicates her time as event staff, ensuring the seamless flow of a pride event. Her vibrant energy and resolute support shine through, inspiring those around her.

The videos unveil heartwarming scenes of the LGBTQIA community immersed in the spirit of pride, their infectious joy and profound love palpable.

Maia also showcases her lighthearted side through photos capturing smileys about to be tattooed on wrists, a symbol of spreading positivity and love.