The art of surfing: Jordan Valdes’ path to joy, strength and community

In a testament to perseverance and passion, Jordan Prieto Valdes has reached a pivotal milestone in her surfing journey.

Having called Siargao home for two years, she reflects on her remarkable progress, from novice to one step closer to the edge of the board.

In a heartfelt Instagram caption, Jordan shared her deep appreciation for the transformative power of the ocean. She expressed gratitude for the humbling wipeouts, reef cuts, and broken boards, which have shaped her into the resilient surfer she is today.

Surfing, for Jordan, has become an embodiment of happiness, contentment, and self-discovery. It has gifted her moments of adrenaline, endorphins, and meditative bliss. Moreover, it has fostered a profound appreciation for her body’s strength and resilience, teaching her to constantly challenge herself and surpass new goals.

Yet, amidst the pursuit of improvement, Jordan has also discovered the importance of embracing the present and finding joy in the simplicity of life. She attributes her growth not only to her own determination but also to the incredible community of surfers who have shared their wisdom and camaraderie along the way.