Forever grateful: Joey’s homage to his beloved father

Last Father’s Day, Joey Concepcion took a moment to express his love and gratitude not only to his own dad, Joecon, but also to all fathers around the world.

In a touching caption, he highlighted the remarkable achievements and values that his father instilled in him.

Joecon, a true advocate for service and making a positive impact, lived by the motto of lighting a candle instead of cursing the darkness. His devotion to non-government organizations like the Citizens League for Good Government and the founding of NAMFREL left an indelible mark on Joey’s life.

The influence of his father’s mentorship led Joey to establish GoNegosyo 18 years ago, a testament to his commitment to creating prosperity for all Filipinos. Through his work and dedication, Joey carries on his father’s legacy of service and embodies the power of mentorship in uplifting communities.