Taylor Swift’s decision: Columnist calls for acceptance among disappointed Pinoy fans

In the midst of speculations surrounding Taylor Swift’s omission of a Philippine tour stop in her highly anticipated The Eras Tour in 2024, columnist Tonyo Cruz has urged Filipino fans to come to terms with the reality that the artist may simply not have an interest in performing in the country, and to refrain from self-gaslighting.

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As fan theories circulate, suggesting that the absence of a suitable national stadium meeting Swift’s team’s requirements may be the cause, Cruz emphasized the importance of accepting the singer’s personal choice.

Acknowledging that it is entirely Swift’s prerogative, he encouraged Pinoy Swifties to refrain from searching for someone to blame.

Supporting Cruz’s viewpoint, some netizens pointed out that numerous renowned artists have previously visited the Philippines to hold concerts, implying that if an artist genuinely desires to perform for Filipino fans, they will find a way to make it happen.

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