SEC’s digital leap: Bongbong Marcos launches game-changing services for corporations and agriculture

President Bongbong Marcos launched new digital services for streamlined corporation registration and monitoring nationwide, along with a capital market initiative to attract agricultural investments.

The electronic SEC Universal Registration Environment (eSECURE), electronic SEC Education, Analysis, and Research Computing Hub (eSEARCH), SEC API Marketplace,
electronic registry application for market participants (eRAMP), and SEC Check App 2.0 were officially introduced during the Securities and Exchange Commission’s 85th anniversary celebration.

The event also featured the presentation of SEC FARMS, an initiative to secure capital for agricultural projects.

The digital tools enhance convenience, data access, and
financial integrity for stakeholders.

eRAMP specifically aids capital market professionals in managing SEC licensure, while SEC FARMS streamlines procedures for agri-based companies seeking to raise capital, supporting the President’s agricultural development program and expanding investment opportunities for Filipinos, including overseas workers.

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