Lance Gokongwei can’t say my bad: Cabinet official calls out Cebu Pacific for shamelessly blaming everyone else and absolving itself from its passengers woes

Social Welfare Secretary Rex Gatchalian expresses concern over Cebu Pacific’s evasive behavior and refusal to take responsibility for passenger inconveniences.

In a tweet, the three-term mayor of Valenzuela City criticizes Cebu Pacific, stating, “Sa tone ng Cebu Pacific parang lahat na may kasalanan sila lang ang wala.”

During a Senate hearing investigating Cebu Pacific’s overbookings and flight cancellations in the past four months, the budget carrier, owned by ultra bilyonaryo Lance Gokongwei, cited “fleet availability issues affecting the global industry along with specific environmental factors” as reasons for the passengers’ difficulties and frustrations.


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However, lawmakers rejected Cebu Pacific’s excuses, pointing out that the company has not taken sufficient action to address these issues and has even continued to promote discounted travel offers despite the mounting complaints from passengers.

It took a Senate hearing and pressure from lawmakers for the profit-hungry Cebu Pacific to commit to improving customer care, reducing flights, and increasing the number of backup aircraft.

As early as March, the company revealed that it was informed that its supplier could not provide the spare engines it had ordered, yet it continued selling tickets despite knowing it couldn’t handle the surge in passenger load.

Gatchalian shares his personal interest in the Senate hearing on Cebu Pacific’s mistreatment of customers, stating, “My job takes me to all these places, and I have my own share of horror stories with Cebu Pacific.”

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