How low can PAL go? Passenger shares broken hand rests, cheap meals served on flight

Philippine Airlines apparently doesn’t fare better than Cebu Pacific when it comes to providing a satisfactory travel experience for passengers, with a Filipino online content creator sharing proof of the seeming decline in its service.

Online creator Joey Ong took a PAL flight to Hong Kong and was expecting quality service, only to be let down mid-air. The flag carrier owned by bilyonaryo Kapitan Lucio Tan served him the same food on his departure and return flights even if he paid for a “meal upgrade” of $10 for one way.

His plane seat also had broken hand rests held together by clear tape.

“I can’t believe we actually paid to get this experience that is quite embarrassing for any foreign guest and specially to us Filipinos. So here is the main issue with PAL, the fake Filipino pride that is fooling us Filipinos,” he wrote, sharing his dismay online.

“There is definitely zero pride from the way they serve Filipino food to the state of the plane itself and now, the sad reality of having to deal with the tragedy that is Terminal 1. There is no service for Filipinos and you feel zero love from our very own flag carrier,” he added, lamenting the transfer to the old and cramped passenger terminal.

“What makes this insulting and sad? This is an airline that carries us, Filipinos who work hard to earn that money to pay for this service and experience yet we are robbed of our sense of pride and we fall victim to a scam in the skies,” Ong added.

Netizens were shocked at the apparent decline in the quality of PAL’s services.

“Cebu Pacific is horrible. But your pictures prove na pareho sila ng PAL. Hayyyysssst. Kawawa naman tayo,” one said.

“It’s very poor, between the airline and the airports is often a sad bookend to a fantastic trip. It really is a problem for the economy of the country. People won’t come if it stays like this,” another said.

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