BPI distributes 406.18 million Treasury shares as property dividends

Bank of Philippine Islands (BPI), the banking arm of the Ayala Group, has completed the disposal of its 406.18 million common treasury shares through a property dividend scheme.

This strategic move by BPI highlights the bank’s commitment to optimizing its capital structure and enhancing shareholder returns.

Under this arrangement, the 406.18 million common shares held in treasury were issued to eligible stockholders of the bank as of March 29, 2023. The entitlement ratio for the property dividend is 0.0896395563 for every one common share.

As a result of this transaction, BPI’s total outstanding shares have increased from 4.539 billion to 4.945 billion common shares, effective as of June 16.

The distribution of treasury shares as property dividends represents a valuable opportunity for eligible stockholders to further benefit from their investment in BPI.