DOE grants ‘prior right’ to existing energy contract holders

The Department of Energy (DOE) clarified that existing holders of energy service contracts have a ‘prior right’ to develop their projects within the designated area.

However, the DOE also embraces a multi-use principle that permits the co-existence of multiple resources.

DOE director Marissa P. Cerezo addressed a question regarding the rules for offshore wind energy service contracts in relation to oil and gas exploration service contracts.

According to the guidelines, the DOE provides a specific period for comment from the current contract holders regarding the potential entry of a new project that differs from their own. If no objections or valid reasons to disallow are raised, the DOE will consider the new project and permit co-existence in the designated area.

In parallel, the DOE and the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) are collaborating to establish height limitations for offshore wind power projects to ensure safety and prevent power disruptions to flights.

The agency has provided information on critical airport areas on its website and developers are required to apply for a height clearance permit as a prerequisite for obtaining a building permit.