From Hong Kong to Manila: Grace Barbers-Baja’s coffee longing

In her Hong Kong abode, Grace Barbers Baja finds herself missing the vibrant life she once had in Manila.

As she awakens in her former home city, she relishes the comforting routine of enjoying her favorite coffee from Assembly Hall, a luxury she now longs for.

Comparing her new surroundings, Grace confesses that the sense of being spoiled with attentive service, like having her coffee prepared for her, is something she deeply misses.

The stark contrast in experiences leaves Grace yearning for the warm embrace of Manila’s coffee culture. In Hong Kong, she must take charge and procure her own coffee, realizing that the sense of care she was accustomed to is not as readily available.

These sentiments further fuel her love for coming back home, where the unparalleled taste of Assembly Hall’s coffee reigns supreme in her heart.