Choosing peace and protection: Maggie Wilson’s candid reflection on delaying a second child

Not yet.

In a recent Instagram post, Maggie Wilson opens up about the question she often faces: why hasn’t she had another baby? Her answer is simple but profound—she believes in resolving existing issues before bringing another child into the world.

Having spent time with someone who prioritizes accountability and maturity, Maggie contemplates the importance of peace and open lines of communication.

Facing legal charges, including adultery allegations from her estranged husband Victor Consunji, Maggie emphasizes her commitment to protect her son, Connor, from further trauma.

She refuses to subject him to an environment lacking proper communication and understanding. With patience, she awaits a day when conflicts are settled, and kindness prevails.

Despite her challenges, Maggie’s faith in love remains strong. She encourages fathers to raise their sons to be compassionate, respectful, and accountable—to become partners who provide safety and nurture healthy relationships. She believes that love will find its way, and everything will eventually fall into place.