Oreo-maker Mondelez  faces Scandinavia boycott over Russia

Scandinavian organisations are boycotting US group Mondelez, maker of snacks like Oreo and Toblerone, due to the group’s continued presence in Russia, as Norway’s government held a meeting Wednesday with several actors.

Airlines SAS and Norwegian, hotel chains, the Norwegian football federation and the Swedish military are among those rejecting products made by the company formerly known as Kraft Foods and its subsidiaries Freia in Norway and Marabou in Sweden.

In late May, Mondelez was added to a list of “international sponsors of war” drawn up by Ukrainian authorities, accused of being susceptible of financing Moscow’s war in Ukraine by maintaining activities in Russia and paying taxes there.

The Swedish military therefore this week asked its suppliers to replace Mondelez products with other brands.

“We are doing this to be in line with our other actions towards Ukraine,” spokeswoman Guna Graufelds told AFP.

Several actors, including retail chains — none of which have joined the boycott at this stage — requested guidelines from Norwegian authorities during a meeting on Wednesday.

“Our message is clear that it is up to companies themselves to make these choices and for consumers to decide”, and not up to authorities, said Halvard Ingebrigtsen, a state secretary in Norway’s Trade and Industry Ministry.

Mondelez insisted it has only “limited operations” in Russia and that none of its subsidiary Freia’s products are made in the country.

“Our parent company, Mondelez International, respects all political decisions and sanctions,” Freia said.

Other groups on the Ukrainian list of “sponsors of war” include Auchan, Procter & Gamble, Metro, Yves Rocher and Bonduelle. — Agence France-Presse

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