Lisa Macuja-Elizalde: Inspiring the next generation of dancers in Jakarta

Renowned ballet icon Lisa Macuja-Elizalde graced the stage in Jakarta for a transformative weekend of workshops.

The event was a true honor and a privilege for all involved.

With her unparalleled grace and finesse, Lisa captured the hearts of aspiring dancers, imparting her invaluable wisdom and nurturing their budding talents. Each movement was a testament to her dedication and expertise, leaving a lasting impression on those fortunate enough to witness her masterclass.

Taking to Instagram, Lisa expressed her deep gratitude to the IPPB (Ikatan Pengajar dan Pelatih Ballet Indonesia) Indonesia Ballet Teacher and Coach Association, who placed their unwavering trust in her as a mentor and guide.

She also reminded her students that ballet is not merely about mastering steps, but a lifelong commitment to growth and unyielding passion.