Garcia-Escaño family’s green vision: Vivant channels P37B into renewable energy and water ventures

Cebu-based Vivant Corp. of the Garcia-Escaño family, has earmarked P37 billion for its renewable energy and water businesses.

Vivant CEO Arlo A.G. Sarmiento emphasized that their goal of achieving a 30% renewable energy share in their power generation portfolio by 2030 is in line with the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) framework.

Sarmiento further highlighted that their investments in water solutions, which adopt an integrated approach to address water scarcity, also align with the ESG framework.

Vivant president Emil Andre M. Garcia said subsidiary Vivant Energy is looking at investing P21 billion in RE projects, making up more than 75% of total CAPEX up to 2030.

He cited the recent acquisition of San Ildefonso Alternative Energy Corp., which will develop a 22-megawatt peak (MWp) solar power plant in Bulacan.

Another wholly owned subsidiary, COREnergy, aims to add 18MW of solar rooftop generation capacity by the end of the year.

“Vivant Energy is committed to play a meaningful role in energy transformation and to accelerate growth and improvement of power services in the country,” Garcia said.

He said the company is looking at wind and solar technology to contribute to surpassing its RE target.

Meanwhile, Vivant Infracore Holdings is looking at investing about P16 billion in several greenfield and brownfield opportunities in water resource utilization and wastewater engineering over the next five years.

“Our success in this sector will allow us to meet the group’s sustainability objectives and meaningfully support efforts to improve the lives of our fellow Filipinos. With the help of all our stakeholders, we can drive meaningful change and create a future where access to clean water, improved sanitation, and environmental sustainability is a reality for all,” said Vivant Infracore President and CEO Jess Anthony Garcia.

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