RESPECTLOCALARTISTS: Vice Ganda faces backlash for criticizing SB19’s rights to royalties

It’s Showtime host Vice Ganda’s recent remarks about SB19’s request for royalty payments for their music have ignited a spirited discussion on social media.

Supporters of SB19, known as ATINs, have rallied behind the PPOP boy group, saying they are simply asserting their rights.

The hashtag RESPECT LOCAL ARTISTS has been trending on Twitter, with fans criticizing the show’s host for appearing to vilify SB19’s actions and undermining their efforts to receive fair compensation for their creative work.

Fans also demanded clarification as the group faced criticism for being labeled as mukhang pera and madam for not allowing their music to be used without proper compensation.

Music producer Thyro Alfaro also weighed in on the issue, saying that royalties are how composers and musicians get compensated for their work.

An artist also shared how little they get paid per stream on Spotify.

Legal issues have also been brought by some content creators.

In taking a stand for their rights, SB19 is not only defending their own music but also advocating for all local artists who have long been overlooked and marginalized.

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