Golfing goons? JV Ejercito asks why Lawrence Tan and his gang are allowed to get away with thuggish behavior in Wack Wack

Senator JV Ejercito believes members of Wack Wack Golf and Country should hold the president and his “established mafia” accountable for their uncouth behavior in the club house and official events.

Ejercito, who is vying for a board seat in the Club’s annual election on June 25, said it was time to stop Wack Wack Wack president Lawrence Tan, his brothers and some members from treating the prestigious golf course in Mandaluyong as their “personal playground.


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“Drinking sprees at the Verandah Cork are an everyday occurrence. Why does the unruly behavior of the President and some board members and brothers not being reported as club violations? The president cursing caddies and waiters and the brother assaulting a guest during Bill Shaw awarding. How come these are not being reported?” asked Ejercito in a letter to members of Wack Wack.

Aside from bringing back the “fun and friendly atmosphere” in the Club, Ejercito also criticized Tan and the current board for the “poor maintenance” which has led to the “very sorry state” of the West golf course.

“To think that monthly dues right now are the highest ever,” Said Ejercito.

Ejercito asked Tan to disclose how the proceeds of the sale of two club shares were spent. Ejercito said he proposed to use the funds to build a sports center during his watch as president.

“We the members need answers.This is a tough fight against the established mafia,” said Ejercito.

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