Cultural pride on display: Audrey Tan Zubiri dazzles in Mindanao weaves at state visit

She was proudly wearing local weaves sourced all the way from Mindanao.

In a display of cultural pride and refined style, Audrey Tan Zubiri, the wife of the Senate President, graced the night in a resplendent terno adorned with vibrant weaves from Mindanao. The exquisite ensemble, curated by Kaayo PH, showcased the rich heritage and artistry of the region.

Amidst the grandeur of the state visit gala, Audrey radiated elegance as she mingled with esteemed guests. Photographs captured her alongside the First Couple, President Bongbong Marcos and First Lady Liza Araneta , as well as the distinguished Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim.

A moment of note was captured as she also shared a snapshot with Vice President Sara Duterte, adding to the tapestry of diplomatic connections.