GFiber Prepaid: Ernest Cu’s answer to the growing demand for affordable fiber internet

Globe president and CEO Ernest Cu is bullish on the growth potential of the company’s newest prepaid fiber internet offering.

In an interview with Bloomberg News, Cu said he is very optimistic that the market will quickly embrace Globe at Home’s latest innovation, known as GFiber Prepaid..

“Coming into the fiber market, we were late and that is an admission. We were a fixed wireless player prior to the pandemic. However, given the strength of three players eating up all the available market share, we observed that the post-paid market quickly became saturated,” Cu said.

“There is a very distinct preference for the prepaid payment method. I figured why not create a lower-cost product that is affordable for Filipinos to [adopt] but at the same time still feasible for a company like Globe, leveraging our digital market capabilities?” he added.

Cu said GFiber offers users the flexibility to activate and deactivate the service as needed. The offering also grants access to GCash financing and lending options for convenient buy now, pay later arrangements.

Globe introduced GFiber Prepaid with the goal of democratizing access to fiber connectivity in the country. The service stands out by offering a trio of no lock-up, unlimited pay-per-use promos, and the convenience of GCAsh buy now, pay later options.

With its prepaid nature and diverse plan options, Globe foresees GFiber Prepaid making a significant impact in expanding the fiber market across the country.

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