Future of customer service? Globe uses AI to create Filipino-speaking chatbots

Long-time telco executive Ernest Cu is so impressed with how sophisticated artificial intelligence (AI) has become over the years.

The Globe Telecom CEO is excited with the prospect of enhanced AI technology has been enhancing customer service, to the point that the computer chatbots can actually hold a conversation in Filipino.

“We are seeing quite a bit of use cases in terms of our outbound calling, customer care side, collection side,” he shared to Bloomberg News in an interview.

“I heard an actual customer interaction completely done in Tagalog. I was impressed (with) how human the conversation was and how effective it will be given the fact that we’re driving towards automation, cost cutting and efficiency,” Cu added. “I think this is gonna be a big contributor to our exercise.”

Will AI-powered chatbots eventually replace Globe’s human customer service representatives?

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