Ernest Cu: Digital now an integral part of Filipino lifestyle

Globe Telecom, led by president and CEO Ernest Cu, is capitalizing on the flourishing digital landscape in the Philippines.

In an interview with Bloomberg News, Cu highlighted how the telecommunications giant has leveraged the widespread digital adoption among Filipinos.

Cu expressed his enthusiasm for the expanding digital adoption, noting its integration into various sectors such as health tech and KonsultaMD.

“The acceptance of digital as an integral part of Filipino habits is something we are capitalizing on by delivering more services to the Filipino people,” Cu said.

“Acceptance that digital is now truly embedded into the Filipino habit is something we are taking advantage of and using to deliver more services to the Filipino people,” he added.

One of Globe’s successful ventures benefiting from the country’s accelerated digital adoption is its e-wallet platform, GCash.

Cu emphasized the continuous growth of GCash, revealing that a significant number of users engage with more than two services daily—a positive indication of adoption.

GCash is projected to close out 2022 with a robust gross transaction value of P6 trillion, surpassing the significant milestone of P3 trillion achieved within the first half of the previous year.

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