Angie King and Joey Mead’s playful adventure

In a heartwarming show of unity and playfulness, Angie King delighted her followers with a charming video capturing a morning activity with her beloved wife, Joey Mead.

Inspired by their discovery on the popular show Drive to Survive, the couple took on the challenge of hand-eye coordination games. With smiles on their faces, they wholeheartedly embraced the task, even though it proved to be more challenging than they initially expected.

In the caption, Angie cheekily admitted to the difficulties they faced during the games. However, their determination to capture the perfect moment for social media paid off, as they achieved moments of satisfying synchrony and hand-eye success.

Beyond their playful endeavors, the video is a testament to the deep bond between Angie and Joey, highlighting their shared zest for exploration and creating memorable experiences together.