Through the ups and downs: Jordan Prieto Valdes’ reflection on life’s emotions

In an Instagram post, Jordan Prieto Valdes reminded her followers that it’s okay to experience sadness and vulnerability.

Sharing her own journey, she expressed the familiar yet overwhelming emotions that sometimes linger.

Fortunately, her partner, Darud, came to the rescue, whisking her away from the confines of their home to enjoy some dirty ice cream and a beach outing. The sight of carefree jellyfish in Siargao provided a sense of solace, reminding Jordan of the beauty in simplicity.

Adding to their adventures, Jordan and Darud paid a visit to their business, Naga Siargao, where they meticulously set up new mirrors, adding the final touches to their banyo murals.

With a soft opening announcement on the horizon, Jordan eagerly looks forward to the new chapter and the prospect of more free time to indulge in her passion for surfing.