Unmasking British Humor: Tim Connor’s tale takes a jab at Victor Consunji

In a moment of whimsy and comedic genius, Maggie Wilson’s Instagram story featured the enchanting tale spun by Tim Connor, a British man with a knack for wry humor.

Tim’s fabricated narrative unfolded with remarkable detail, involving criminal charges, allegations of adultery, and a lengthy conversation with three skeptical European gentlemen.

As the story unraveled, Tim masterfully wove a web of intrigue, recounting his efforts to convince the dubious men of the seriousness of his situation. With each passing minute, his account became more incredulous, including sightings of intimate moments on a balcony and social media posts as evidence against him.

However, just as the listeners were fully immersed in the tale, Tim pulled back the curtain, revealing the delightful truth – the entire story was an elaborate work of fiction, expertly crafted to showcase the peculiar wit of British humour.

But of course, Filipinos know better and are fully aware of the whole saga between Maggie and estranged husband Victor Consunji.