Whimsical moments: Korina Sanchez Roxas’ family escapade in Hong Kong

There was never a dull moment.

Korina Sanchez, accompanied by Mar Roxas, their two twins and her husband’s son Paolo (whom she adoringly considers her own), set off on an unforgettable holiday in bustling Hong Kong.

The adventure kicked off with the little ones, Pepe and Pilar, engaging in playful acrobatics, their laughter echoing through the air. Excitement reached new heights as the twins experienced their first-ever ride on the city’s iconic MRT, their eyes wide with wonder as they whizzed through the urban landscape.

Not ones to miss out on popular attractions, the family also indulged in their inaugural ferry trip, creating cherished memories against a backdrop of stunning harbor views. And in a moment of adorable exhaustion, the children whispered to their mom, “Mama, we’re low-batt—ice cream, please!”

Their impromptu request, made while lying down inside an elevator, sparked laughter and a well-deserved treat for the whole family, sealing the perfect day of adventure in the vibrant city