A father’s pride, an architect’s vision: Miko de Los Reyes presents latest triumph to his dad

Miko de Los Reyes, a mastermind of architectural brilliance, welcomed his beloved father, Timmy, to behold his latest masterpiece: Lakehall at Nena’s Sanctuary.

In a captivating moment frozen in time, the duo stands in quiet awe, their eyes fixed on the mesmerizing vista of the serene lake and the boundless horizon that stretches beyond. With their backs turned to the camera, their unspoken connection is noticeable , with Miko’s arm draped over his father’s shoulder.

Every intricate detail of the project showcases Miko’s unwavering dedication to creating a space of unparalleled beauty and elegance.

As Lakehall graciously opens its doors, it emerges as a haven for unforgettable gatherings and exquisite events. Miko and his team extend an exclusive invitation to all, welcoming them to an enchanting open house that will run until the end of June.

Situated within the prestigious grounds of Sta. Elena Golf & Country Club, which is owned by the family of Miko’s wife, Nicole Tantoco’s, Lakehall becomes a harmonious marriage of architectural brilliance and familial heritage.