‘Mahalaga sa amin kung OK kayo’: Puregold’s Susan Co tells Joey deLeon not to worry about multi-million advances to Jalosjos

Legendary comedian Joey De Leon is not often seen in tears, but the wife of ultra bilyonaryo Lucio Co accomplished just that.

Puregold Price Club chairman Susan Co was among the first people to check on Tito, Vic and Joey after they cut their ties with TAPE of former Congressman Romy Jalosjos, the producer of “Eat Bulaga.”

Emotions overwhelmed De Leon as he recounted the moment Susan reassured him that her primary concern was their well-being and the emotional impact of leaving their show after more than four decades, rather than the multi-million peso in advance ad placements Puregold had made with the Jalosjos management.

In an interview with TV5’s “Frontline”, De Leon said: “Nagtext sa akin si Susan Co, yung taga Puregold. Niyari talaga ako eh: ‘Are you OK? Ang gulo eh’. Tinawagan ko, mayabang ako, sabi ko we’re OK.”

De Leon said he asked Susan if Puregold was just fine after he heard that the grocery giant made a big “subscription” to TAPE for the next three years.

“Biglang kinut ako… Nagalit eh: ‘No, hindi importante sa amin ‘yun. Bahala kami sa ginagawa namin. Ang mahalaga sa amin ay kung OK kayo’. Umiyak na ako noon,” said a teary-eyed de Leon.

Less than a week after dumping Jalosjos, TVJ has struck a deal with Mediaquest of bilyonaryo Manny V. Pangilinan to air “Eat Bulaga” on TV5’s noon time slot.


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