G-Dragon’s crossroads: Contract renewal, stage names, and shaping his future

G-Dragon, the renowned leader of K-pop group BIGBANG and a prominent figure in both the music and fashion industries, is engaged in negotiations for a new contract with YG Entertainment following the expiration of his previous agreement.

As he contemplates his future, one crucial aspect that may influence his decision is his iconic stage name.

While other members of BIGBANG, such as Daesung and Taeyang, have already announced their departures from YG Entertainment, with T.O.P focusing on his solo career and Seungri retiring from the industry amid the Burning Sun scandal, G-Dragon remains the sole representative of the second-generation idol group still affiliated with the agency.

The recent omission of G-Dragon’s name from a report on YG artists sparked speculation about the status of his contract.

“It’s true that G-Dragon’s exclusive contract has expired. We are currently exploring various options, including partial contracts for his involvement in activities such as advertisements. If the artist wishes to resume his musical promotions in the near future, we plan to negotiate a new contract with him and provide full support,” YG Entertainment said.

One noteworthy factor that may play a role in G-Dragon’s decision to continue with YG Entertainment is the issue of his stage name.

Previous reports revealed that both G-Dragon and Taeyang are trademarks owned by the agency. However, Taeyang retained the use of his name by transitioning to Black Label, a sub-label of YG Entertainment.

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