DMCI Mining ramps up nickel ore production, aims for 1.5 million ton shipments

Consunji-led DMCI Mining aims to export 1.5 million wet metric tons (WMT) of nickel ore this year, following an increase in its production capacity.

The company’s subsidiary, Zambales Diversified Metals Corp. (ZDMC), was granted an environmental compliance certificate in January to extract two million WMT of nickel ore, double the previous allowance of one million WMT.

DMCI Mining president Tulsi Das Reyes emphasized the company’s commitment to minimizing the environmental impact of its operations, saying that they have the necessary facilities and measures in place.

With these considerations, DMCI Mining is targeting a nickel ore production of around 1.7 million to two million tons this year.

During the first quarter of the year, ZDMC experienced a substantial increase in nickel ore production, with output surging by 88 percent from 318,000 WMT to 599,000 WMT. This record-breaking quarterly output contributed to a 16 percent rise in total inventory, reaching 178,000 WMT.

However, despite the impressive production figures, total shipments declined by 21 percent from 620,000 WMT to 487,000 WMT due to the depletion of the BNC mine and stockpile.

The decline was partially offset by the double-digit growth in ZDMC shipments.

The average selling price of nickel ore witnessed an 11 percent increase during the quarter, rising from $44 to $49 per unit. This price growth was primarily driven by the higher-grade nickel ore shipments from Zambales.

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