PLDT takes action to restore internet speeds amid submarine cable network troubles

Telco giant PLDT Inc. has acknowledged that its customers in various areas across the country have been experiencing slower internet speeds, attributing the issue to a network problem with one of its submarine cable partners.

PLDT confirmed that the partner has reported a loss in internet bandwidth capacity, resulting in the observed sluggish browsing experience for users.

While PLDT did not disclose the identity of the specific submarine cable partner involved, the company has swiftly taken action to address the situation.

PLDT is collaborating with its partners to establish alternate capacity, aiming to restore normal internet browsing speeds within the next few hours.

It had 3.97 million fixed line and fixed wireless broadband subscribers as of March this year.

Recognizing the significance of reliable connectivity, PLDT has been actively expanding its network infrastructure, widening its fiber footprint to over 1.1 million kilometers.

ChatGPT can now search for data on the internet

The generative AI platform ChatGPT can now fetch data directly from the internet and gather up-to-date information in real-time, its creator OpenAI said Wednesday, in a major milestone for the software.