MPIC’s Toledo to highlight Philippines’ infrastructure development at Nomura Investment Forum Asia 2023

Mike Toledo, director for Government Relations and Public Affairs at Manuel V. Pangilinan-led Metro Pacific Investments Corporation, is set to take center stage at Nomura’s annual Asia flagship conference.

The Nomura Investment Forum Asia 2023, scheduled from June 5 to 8 in Singapore, will provide a platform for Toledo to shed light on the Philippines’ infrastructure development.

With a focus on infrastructure, Toledo’s presentation will offer valuable insights into the government’s efforts and progress in driving infrastructure development in the Philippines. As the private sector plays a crucial role in these endeavors, Toledo will share perspectives on the pace of progress and the potential impact of upcoming major projects that can act as game-changers.

Anticipated to draw over 1,000 professional investors from around the globe, the event will also host representatives from more than 150 highly sought-after regionally-listed companies in Asia. This presents a prime opportunity for Toledo to showcase the promising opportunities and growth prospects within the Philippines’ infrastructure sector.

In addition to his role at MPIC, Toledo holds the position of chairman of the Chamber of Mines of the Philippines, where he actively advocates for the revitalization of the country’s mining industry.