Margarita Fores beams with pride as son’s a mano soars to 15th place in 50 Top Pizza Awards

What a feat!

Renowned chef and doting mother, Margarita Fores, took to Instagram to express her immense pride in her son, Amado Fores, and his restaurant, a mano.

In a recent post, she joyfully shared that a mano had climbed an astonishing 33 spots to secure the 15th place in the highly coveted 50 Top Pizza Awards.

In the caption of her Instagram post, Margarita couldn’t contain her excitement, exclaiming that the top 15 contenders will embark on an unforgettable journey to Napoli on September 13 for the esteemed World 100 Top Pizza event.

With a golden ticket in hand, this unexpected gift marks a monumental milestone in their culinary journey, and the world eagerly awaits the mouthwatering creations that await them in Naples.