Art meets philanthropy: Melissa Yeung Yap’s inspiring collaboration for a cause

Melissa Yeung Yap, a visionary artist known for her boundless creativity, embarks on an inspiring collaboration with Yong Studio and Zonta Club of Makati & Environs.

Together, they present a collection of wearable art pieces that seamlessly blend artistry and philanthropy.

Melissa’s unique designs, meticulously crafted, are now available for purchase at Yong Studio boutiques and their online site. Additionally, Art Lounge Manila offers signed, numbered, and framed scarves, adding an element of exclusivity and elegance to the collection.

Not only do these wearable art pieces showcase Melissa’s artistic prowess, but they also serve a greater purpose.

A portion of the proceeds from sales will be pledged for donation, benefitting the ZCME Marillac Hills Psychological Center for Sexually Abused Girls and Children.