Swings, laughter and memories: The Manotoc trio’s unforgettable bonding experience

In a picturesque scene of familial connection, Mike Manotoc, accompanied by his father Tommy Manotoc and daughter Mia, embarked on a golfing escapade that transcended the boundaries of a mere sport.

Rekindling connections: Mike Manotoc’s joyful reunion at SIAC Manila Conference 2023

Amidst the swings and putts, a profound bond was forged, carrying with it the essence of the Manotoc legacy.

Each swing of the club unveiled a chapter in Mia’s initiation into the esteemed Manotoc lineage, guided by the seasoned wisdom of “the Legend” himself, Tommy.

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As Mike witnessed this passing down of family traditions, he couldn’t help but capture the precious moments of the day, preserving them forever through a collection of heartfelt photos and videos. In these treasured mementos, Mia’s infectious joy and playful spirit radiated, becoming the essence of their time together on the golf course.