ECPay expands reach with over 450,000 digital merchant partnerships

Globe’s multi-payment platform ECPay has achieved a significant milestone by surpassing its target of 449,000 digital merchant partnerships.

With a total of 450,590 partnerships, ECPay has extended its reach to a larger customer base, catering to the increasing number of Filipinos transitioning to digital channels for their payment needs.

The success of ECPay’s digital merchant partnerships reflects the growing trend of digitalization embraced by Filipinos. Ernest Cu, President and Chief Executive of Globe, expressed pride in ECPay’s accomplishments and its commitment to optimizing the convenience and accessibility of digital payments.

He emphasized that this achievement unequivocally demonstrates how Filipinos wholeheartedly embrace digital financial transactions.

ECPay’s platform offers seamless accessibility through its user-friendly mobile app and website, catering to the dynamic lifestyles of individuals.

Recognizing the preferences of those who still prefer in-person transactions, ECPay has also established a network of physical payment centers across the Philippines, providing convenience and flexibility to users.

Ensuring utmost security and reliability, ECPay places a strong emphasis on safeguarding personal and financial information in the face of rising cybercrime incidents. By implementing stringent measures, ECPay prioritizes the protection of its users’ data, guaranteeing peace of mind for all transactions.

Cu expressed confidence in the future of digital financial transactions as a driving force in shaping the Philippine economy. He affirmed that ECPay will continue to invest in technology, infrastructure, and its workforce to provide Filipinos with the best payment services possible.