Vieo Lopez’s late-night mission for his girlfriend

Vieo Lopez took to Twitter to share a late-night mission he embarked upon for his girlfriend, Cassandra Chan.

As documented on his Instagram story, Cassandra had requested Vieo’s assistance at 12:30 am to capture photos of her in a stunning Filipiniana dress adorned with sparkling embellishments and a daring high slit.

Vieo humorously referred to this task as entering his “utusan era,” acknowledging the role of being someone’s servant with playful affection.

However, Vieo’s duties did not end there. Cassandra also requested a sausage roll, a request that Vieo willingly fulfilled. In a photo shared by Vieo, Cassandra radiated beauty in her soft pink dress, complemented by her perfectly styled hair.

Vieo’s tweet encapsulates the profound impact that simple acts of kindness can have within a relationship.