Cargo ships collide in Aegean Sea: Greek coastguard

Greece’s coastguard on Friday said two cargo ships had collided near the island of Chios, without causing injuries or marine pollution.

The coastguard in a statement said the Vanuatu-flagged freighter Ant, with a crew of 13, had collided with the Singapore-flagged Potentia with 19 aboard.

Footage released by the coastguard showed a large hole in Ant’s side, with a rescue helicopter flying overhead.

Greece dispatched several patrol boats and rescue aircraft, but officials said no assistance was ultimately required.

The incident occurred in international waters and a patrol boat from nearby Turkey was also present at the operation.

“No crew member was hurt and no pollution was noted,” Greek coastguard spokesman Nikos Kokkalas said in a statement.

“The damaged ship is en route to Turkey,” he added.

Potentia has also left the incident location, maritime site MarineTraffic showed. — Agence France-Presse