Rise of remote work: Young Filipinos choose flexibility, survey shows

Remote work arrangement is the way to go for many young Filipinos.

A recent study conducted by Universum Talent Research 2023 has unveiled a significant trend among young Filipinos, with remote work emerging as the preferred choice for many.

Out of the 5,000 students hailing from 103 universities who participated in the survey, a remarkable 82 percent expressed a keen interest in exploring remote work opportunities.

While remote work holds great appeal, the respondents acknowledged the inherent challenges that come with this setup. Concerns regarding internet connectivity, potential impact on work-life balance, and limited social connection with colleagues were highlighted as factors that need to be addressed.

The study revealed that young Filipinos are also looking for a company that upholds ethical standards, promotes work-life balance, and respects its employees.

Secure employment and opportunities for international travel or relocation were also among the top considerations.

The study further showed that 54 percent of the young Filipino talents surveyed would choose private employers over companies in the public sector.

It also highlighted a slight adjustment in salary expectations for Filipino Gen Zs compared to the previous year’s findings. They now target an initial annual salary of P374,403 or approximately P31,000 per month, which is lower than the P495,966 annual salary or about P41,000 monthly expectation reported in 2022.

Mike Parsons, APAC managing director for Universum, said future job seekers will be more selective in their choice of employ

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