Equity restructuring and technological innovations propel DFNN’s strong earnings performance

DFNN Inc., led by Raymond Garcia, experienced a surge in earnings last year, propelled by a successful equity restructuring and the launch of various tailored interactive technology platforms.

In a financial report, DFNN said its net income jumped 117 percent to P73.9 million in 2022, driven primarily by robust sales performance and the growth of its diverse business streams.

Total sales surged 69 percent to P905.8 million.

The positive momentum translated into a turnaround in earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization (EBITDA), with DFNN reporting P237.5 million, a stark contrast to the previous year’s loss of P252.2 million.

The company also saw a 69.4 percent jump in revenue from share-based income generated from interactive operations.

Revenue from the development and maintenance of software solutions soared 75 percent, while sales of software and application licenses saw an 18.1 percent boost, largely driven by the growth of foreign license revenue.

DFNN aspires to be at the forefront of the digital platforms and artificial intelligence industry, utilizing its strengths and collaborating with partners to contribute to the establishment of a robust digital economy.

The company and its partners envision playing a leading role in harnessing cutting-edge capabilities to shape the future landscape.