Empowering consumers: Globe Telecom backs national connectivity index rating

Globe Telecom Inc. has expressed its support for the creation of a national Connectivity Index Rating in the Philippines, aiming to set a standard for internet quality.

The company signified its willingness to collaborate with the government to turn this proposal into a reality as part of efforts to advance comprehensive digitization in the country.

Ernest Cu, Globe Group president and CEO, said having such a rating would enable consumers to make informed decisions about establishments and public places based on the quality of their internet services.

“With this in place, we will solidify the perception that the Philippines offers internet services on par with other countries, as external surveys have consistently shown. This initiative aligns with the President’s vision for a digitally resilient and vibrant Philippines,” Cu said.

The proposal for a Connectivity Index Rating was put forward by Globe together with various industry players to the Private Sector Advisory Council (PSAC) leaders. The aim is to create a consumer-friendly rating system that provides an easily understandable assessment of the quality of internet experience in indoor areas.

Currently, consumers lack a means to assess the quality of internet connectivity in public spaces like airports, malls, hotels, libraries, and coffee shops.

Atty. Tim Abejo, co-convenor of CitizenWatch Philippines, said the rating system should be as straightforward as the familiar 5-star system used to rate hotels.

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