Lisa Macuja’s rhapsody of joy from Don Quixote’s opening night

The world of dance is alive with resplendent joy as Lisa Macuja, the celebrated ballet icon, takes to social media to share her exhilaration.

In an Instagram post, she captures the essence of the unforgettable opening night of Don Quixote, a momentous production that marks the company’s first full-length classical ballet show since the pandemic disrupted the arts scene.

With a burst of enthusiasm, Lisa captions her post, “Don Quixote opening night done!! One more show tomorrow at 5pm. Only in Aliw Theater! You can still get tickets at the gate. @ticketworldinc What a night! What a show! Thank you so much for all your support!”

Her words echo the electric energy that permeated the theater, a testament to the resiliency and unwavering spirit of the performing arts community.

At the heart of this spectacular production is the talented Jasmine Pia Dames, embodying the role of Kitri with grace and brilliance. Alongside her, Esteban masterfully portrays the character of Basilio, captivating the audience with their exquisite artistry and flawless execution. Their chemistry on stage ignites a fire that burns brightly, leaving the spectators spellbound and yearning for more.