Rocio Zobel’s carefree moments unleashed

Rocio Zobel’s latest Instagram post was a delightful departure from the norm, offering her followers a captivating glimpse into her playful side.

The first photo she shared was a revelation—a rare moment captured in which Rocio let go of any pretense and embraced a carefree spirit. With a drink in one hand and a mischievous smile on her face, she boldly lifted her foot, proudly revealing a pair of dirty socks.

As the slideshow continued, the images captured the essence of the night’s festivities. In a candid shot, Rocio stood side by side with her best friend Sandra Roxas, their smiles radiant with shared joy.

But the highlight of the series was undoubtedly the final image—a tender moment frozen in time. Rocio’s boyfriend, Marty Romuladez, tenderly planted a kiss on the side of her forehead, a gesture of love that spoke volumes.