Frozen moments: Luis Marcos Araneta’s captivating glimpse of Manila’s soul

There are those who possess an innate ability to capture the soul of a moment, freezing it in time for all to admire.

Luis Marcos Araneta, a visionary behind the lens, recently delighted his followers with a street photograph that encapsulates the heart of Manila.

As an avid explorer, Luis ventured into various corners of the country, seeking to uncover the hidden beauty found within the bustling streets. It is through his lens that he unveils a world of stories waiting to be told.

He recently shared a photograph of a moving jeepney along the streets of Quezon City. To Luis, this iconic symbol of Filipino culture proved to be a fascinating subject. Perhaps having never experienced the daily commute or the nostalgic charm of riding a jeepney, Luis’s curiosity was piqued, and he felt compelled to capture its essence.