The art of contrast: Natalia Peña’s fusion of contemporary and traditional ensembles at Puey Quiñones’ fashion show

In a splendid affair that brought together the crème de la crème of Manila’s fashion elite, Puey Quiñones unveiled his highly anticipated collection, aptly named “Puey Quiñones FILIPINO,” at the majestic Goldenberg Mansion.

This historic venue, nestled within the Malacañang Grounds, served as the perfect backdrop for an evening that celebrated both tradition and innovation.

Among the esteemed guests in attendance was the effortlessly chic Natalia Peña, an embodiment of grace and sophistication. Her ensemble captured the essence of Filipino style, with a contemporary twist.

A vision in a modern terno top designed by the talented Rhett Eala, Natalia paired it flawlessly with a pristine white dress from VALDESDESIGNS. The resulting ensemble was a harmonious blend of modernity and traditional elegance, evoking the spirit of the Philippines.