Robinsons Land unveils Mantawi Residences: A tribute to John Gokongwei Jr.’s vision in Cebu’s real estate market”

Robinsons Land Corp. (RLC), the real estate arm of conglomerate JG Summit Holdings, is paying homage to the visionary founder, John Gokongwei Jr., with its latest residential offering, Mantawi Residences.

This premium development in Cebu is set to cater to the growing demand from discerning Cebuanos and investors alike.

The four-tower Mantawi Residences will grace Ouano Avenue in Mandaue City.

RLC Residences’ SVP and business unit general manager John Richard Sotelo highlighted the project’s alignment with Gokongwei’s vision of seizing opportunities and achieving success.

He emphasized that the development was meticulously designed to offer unique and high-quality features that support residents’ pursuit of success.

Strategically located on a prominent thoroughfare connecting the thriving cities of Mandaue and Cebu, Mantawi Residences offers spacious living spaces and incorporates built-in smart home devices for its residents.

Beyond the individual units, the project boasts an expansive 1.3-hectare amenity area adorned with landscaped gardens, beach-inspired swimming pools, a cascading water wall, a pet park, an outdoor play area, and more.

The ground floor will house a curated retail experience, enhancing convenience and lifestyle offerings for residents.

Sotelo expressed how Mantawi Residences perfectly encapsulates RLC Residences’ vision of “Raise, Live, Connect.”

The development aims to elevate the standards of living in Cebu, empowering residents to lead intelligent and productive lives while fostering meaningful connections with their loved ones.