Criminal neglect! Lazada boycott sought over scammers, fake products

Former Cabinet Secretary Rigoberto Tiglao is calling for a boycott of Lazada for allowing fake products to be sold on its platform.

The Manila Times columnist railed at the e-commerce platform after being scammed twice in a month. He said he purchased a smart vacuum cleaner that’s supposedly from Xiaomi but was sold at one-fourth of the retail price.
Instead of receiving an original product, Tiglao said he was sent a dupe that broke down after 20 minutes. He said he was also shipped a face mask in lieu of a Sharp air purifier he purchased for over P4,000.

Tiglao was incensed when he was told by Lazada to return the products.

“I was scammed and I would have to spend money for a courier service to deliver a fake item to the scammer, which he probably would sell again at Lazada?,” he said. “Other than the huge bother and expense for this, why would I deliver to them a product that could be used as evidence in a suit, or a complaint at a government agency?”

“What gets my goat is that I complained to Lazada about these two scammers over a week ago, yet they haven’t lifted a finger to close these merchants down. Manila_MALL is still selling over 54 products in Lazada. including that “Xiaomi Robotic Cleaner,” and several other products claimed to be made by Xiaomi, even nose-hair clippers sold at half its price at that company’s official site,” he added.

Tiglao said he hasn’t had much luck with Shopee either, having been scammed as well two years ago.

“Lesson: Resist the lure of astonishingly low prices sold at Lazada. Don’t buy anything altogether from Lazada,” he wrote.

“Such negligence borders on criminal neglect. Many poor people buy online in order to save on expenses commuting to a regular mall. It’s so sad that their hard-earned money may have been lost due to scammers in Lazada and Shopee. What’s the trade and industry department doing to save Filipinos from scammers in these two foreign stores?,” he added.

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