Employee discount equals service downgrade? Client calls out snooty manager at Okada Manila

A Facebook user has complained about the poor service that she and her husband reportedly experienced at Okada Manila after they checked in using a friend’s employee discount.

Rina Gines Verdadero shared her “nightmare” experience with the five-star property currently torn by a bitter boardroom drama.

In a viral post, Verdadero said she and her husband booked a room at Okada Manila to celebrate their wedding anniversary. Upon arriving at the hotel, the concierge asked her if she wanted to book a room with a fountain view. After picking that option, the couple were told to wait for about an hour as the room was still being sanitized.

Verdadero said she and her husband returned to the concierge to inquire since they did not receive a text update about the room availability after an hour and a half. It was then that they were dribbled from one staffer to another, until the manager showed up to talk to them.

“Paglabas pa lang ng manager nila, kitang kita na sa mukha nya yung defensive mode, iritable na sya at nakataas ang kilay. He went to one of the empty front desk, kami pa nag-effort para lumapit sa kanya. Pagdating namin sa kanya, ‘yes po’ lang ang bungad nya as if ndi nya alam kung anong nangyayari,” Verdadero fumed.

She said the manager told them that the room they’re entitled to isn’t necessarily the same as the one indicated in the acknowledgment receipt issued to them. The request to extend the checkout time to 2 p.m. was also denied, with the manager reasoning out that those who booked using the employee discount can only check out by 1 p.m. at the latest.

“Nasa policy nyo na 1pm lang extension, nasa policy nyo rin ba na late icheck in yung guest kapag discounted?,” she ranted. “In the first place, kami ang pinaghintay nyo. Client pa rin kami! Ni hindi nga nagsorry yung manager nyo, ni hindi nya masagot kung anong nangyari sa room na inaantay namin.”

“Napaka-inconsiderate nyo. May pa 3Ts pa kayo, true clean, true safe, true heart? saan banda?,” she added. “Maganda nga casino nyo pero basura kayo magtreat ng mga guests na discounted yung inavail na booking.”

The post earned mixed reactions, with some siding with the couple.

“May mali parin sa part ng Okada staff, dapat nag pakatotoo nalang sila na hindi na avail yung room na gusto ng clients. Kahit sinong tao magagalit kapag pinaghintay ng matagal,” one said.

“Hotels should go above and beyond especially kung high end/ luxury hotel ito. To any agents on the desk, huwag mgbigay ng room number if this particular room is not ready, especially mag-promise ng time when it would be ready,” another pointed out.

“Malaking factor yan na dpat ung keycard nio sa nasa resibo nio once po mawala yang key card nio pano nio ma justify na un ung room # nio kung iba sa resibo,” another reasoned out.

“Mapa-piso nalang yang discounted room/accomodation – the guest should enjoy the full luxurious thing that any guest should experience,” one said.

Others tried to pin blame on the couple for putting their employee friend in a tight situation.

“As someone who works in Front Office from an International company.. everytime I use my F&F benefits, I always tell na wag mgdemand and inarte msyado. Kawawa nman si friend na ngbook, I hope no negative impact to sa employment nya,” one

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